Season menus

Since we want to offer our guests local food, we use seasonal products. We give you an impression of the possibilities. Of course, vegetarians are welcome: please contact us for a vegetarian menu.

Spring menu
  1. Asparagus soup
  2. Carrot and potato mash
  3. Rice pudding with brown sugar
Summer menu
  1. Cream of chicken soup with salmon
  2. Summer vegetable mash
  3. Buttermilk pudding with strawberries
Autumn menu
  1. Hearty chicken soup
  2. Mushroom mash with venison steak
  3. Stewed pears
Van Gogh menu

Vincent van Gogh he has become famous because of his sunflowers, but a lot of his paintings show ingredients and food. In Kröller Müller museum in Otterlo you can visit the second largest collection of his paintings in the world. Our Van Gogh menu is in honour of his flavours...

  1. Potato soup
  2. Mash with samphire and seafood
  3. Rhubarb tiramisu with curd